Background Story

The $60k Rug Pull

Screenshot of the CATFAMILY mint page
On 21st November 2021, a Solana NFT project called Cat Family launched its mint. Within the first 5 minutes, their RPC broke and caused a lot of investors to panic in their discord server. After they fixed the RPC, the Cat Family project team manage to sell 1015 NFTs and what happened next was very unexpected.
The Founder goes by the name Malpha refuse to fulfil his promise by refunding the first 100 public mints because the project did not sell out all their NFTs. This caused a huge conflict between minters and the founding team resulting the Founder Malpha deleting Cat Family's Discord server.
After Malpha deleted their Discord server, one of the minters Arice decided to gather the community who lost money from Cat Family and request Malpha to refund their money. Malpha claimed that he refunded over 100 minters and cannot refund more but when we checked his Solana address transaction, we only found a total refund of up to 50 mints.
Then he disappeared. Leaving over 200 minters devastated from the Cat Family scam. So Arice decided to build an NFT project by herself to help reverse the rug pull.
When CH4MO saw Arice's initiative and her determination to learn from scratch, he decided to help her and the community by donating one of his projects - SolDrinks. A 4,444 mocktail pixel art NFT project with the vision to reduce health issues due to alcohol abuse and create a virtual lounge in the metaverse.
And that is the start of SolDrinks...
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